Ipswich: Christchurch Park reopens in time for fireworks

Broken branches have been cleared from Christchurch Park

Broken branches have been cleared from Christchurch Park

Ipswich’s best known park was due to reopen on Thursday morning after borough council workers won the battle to make damaged trees safe.

Extra staff from other parts of the town were brought in to Christchurch Park to clear fallen branches and ensure there were none that would risk visitors.

The re-opening means preparations can start for Saturday’s firework display which will definitely go ahead.

Ipswich council leisure spokeswoman Bryony Rudkin praised staff who had worked long hours to ensure the park was able to reopen so quickly.

“People have been working very hard throughout daylight hours to make sure we could reopen Christchurch Park and ensure the fireworks can go ahead.

“We are very grateful for all their hard work and I am sure the thousands who come to the display will want to thank them as well,” she said.

Other parks are expected to reopen over the next few days, although Holywells Park might not reopen until the start of next week because there needs to be a careful examination of standing trees to ensure they are all safe.