Travellers move on from Ipswich's Christchurch Park

Travellers arrived at Christchurch Park in Ipswich last Wednesday

Travellers arrived at Christchurch Park in Ipswich last Wednesday - Credit: Archant

Travellers have moved on from Ipswich's Christchurch Park after arriving on the site last week.

Several caravans and vans parked up at the northern end of the park in the early hours of last Wednesday.

After their arrival, Ipswich Borough Council said it was doing everything it could to "regain possession" of the land and security guards have been seen on-site since.

A number of concrete barriers have recently been placed around the park.

The travellers have not yet moved on from the site

The travellers left on Sunday evening - Credit: Archant

However, they left the park at about 7.30pm on Sunday.

An Ipswich Borough Council statement said: "Ipswich Borough Council confirms that all travellers have now left Christchurch Park following the swift and robust actions of the council, as well as its partners, to ensure their departure.

"The council will be cleaning-up tomorrow (Monday) to ensure that all areas of the park are swiftly back in general public use."

Oliver Holmes, Ipswich borough councillor for the St Margaret's ward, said last week that Christchurch Park was ""not an appropriate place for travellers".

He added: "There are about 20 vans and caravans on the upper part of the park and the police were in attendance along with Suffolk County Council welfare officers and officers from Ipswich Borough Council. 

"I have been in touch with the council and they are putting in place their protocol for these types of issues."