Ipswich: Concern after dangerous caterpillars spotted in town park

Brown Tail moths at Landseer Park

Brown Tail moths at Landseer Park - Credit: Contributed

A number of dangerous caterpillars were due to removed from an Ipswich park today.

Wendy Coates, from Ipswich, was walking her dog in Landseer Park when she noticed the clump of caterpillars. On closer inspection she realised they were brown-tail moths, which can cause skin irritation and breathing difficulties if touched.

She said: “I saw all these caterpillars and told park staff so they could be removed but when I went back a few days later, they were still there. It is a concern.

“I read online that other councils spray them straight away to get rid of them. There should at least be warning signs up as they can cause problems.”

The brown-tail moths are more prevalent from late spring to early June. The caterpillars carry up to two million spiked and barbed hairs which can penetrate skin, causing an irritant reaction. If asthmatics and hay fever sufferers inhale the hairs, this can cause severe breathing difficulties.

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council said: “We are grateful for this resident’s help over the brown-tail moths and we are taking immediate action to deal with the problem.”