Ipswich: Coroner rules mother-of-four died from complications following alcohol use

A MOTHER-of-four from Ipswich died from complications following the use of methadone and alcohol, an inquest has heard.

Sinead Delahoyde, also known as Melissa Kirwan, was originally born in Ireland and moved to Ipswich two years before her death.

Ms Delahoyde, of Wicklow Road, was found collapsed near Black Horse Lane on November 9 last year.

Police officers found Ms Delahoyde, who they initially knew as Ms Kirwan, following a report from a member of the public that a female was lying on the ground and unresponsive.

Ms Delahoyde initially showed no signs of life, her lips were blue and her pupils were dilated. Officers attempted CPR before paramedics arrived at the scene and took over. Ms Delahoyde was taken to Ipswich Hospital, where she later died on November 12.

A post mortem examination found that Ms Delahoyde died from hypoxic encephalopathy and bronchopneumonia following the use of methadone and alcohol.

Officers said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death but it could not be established where the methadone came from.

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Greater Suffolk coroner Dr Peter Dean said Ms Delahoyde had struggled since her ex-boyfriend died and had spoken of committing suicide – although there was no evidence she had acted on this.

The inquest heard how Ms Delahoyde attended Chesterfield Drive Surgery and had many difficulties leading up to her death.

She was described as tearful and agitated and expressed some thoughts of ending her life.

Ms Delahoyde’s daughter Katrina previously told The Star her mum was a “very bubbly person” who “cared about everyone”.

The coroner recorded a verdict of death from complications following methadone and alcohol use.