Ipswich: Could the old Odeon or County Hall buildings be brought back to life for one night only? Engineer reveals plan to stage major music event in derelict structure

Gavin Mee is organising an electronica music concert in a derelict Ipswich building.

Gavin Mee is organising an electronica music concert in a derelict Ipswich building. - Credit: Archant

LYING dormant with little investment, they are the relics of the town’s past.

But today, an engineer from Ipswich has revealed an ambitious plan to bring a derelict building back to life for a major music event in the summer.

Gavin Mee, 35, wants to put the town on the map with Derelicht 01 – which will see state-of-the-art lighting and projections set up inside one of the town’s structures with popular electronica artists taking to the stage.

He said: “I drive home on a Friday evening with lots of energy and often feel quite a little bit let down about what is going on in the Ipswich and Suffolk area.

“There seems to be a lack of people stepping up to the plate and providing a certain level of entertainment.

“We will take a decaying space and revive that architecture and bring it back to life.”

Mr Mee, of St Anthony’s Crescent, already has a shortlist of buildings he would like to use but the final details will not be released until two days before the show in June.

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Two other dates have been earmarked in July and August with popular electronica musicians from Europe already signing up for the event.

“I am wanting to promote local architecture and stage a live music event in there which showcases international talent as well as local talent,” he added.

“Each building is very unique and they have each got their own issues to deal with.

“I am very cautious of just putting on another mediocre event. What I want to do is come in at a very high level with this and put Ipswich on the map.”

The event has already attracted a lot of interest across the country and tickets are available.

For more information about the show, www.derelicht.com