Council investigating 'frustrating' Ipswich hum bothering residents

People living on the Ipswich waterfront and surrounding areas have reported hearing a strange hum over the last two weeks

People living on the Ipswich waterfront and surrounding areas have reported hearing a strange hum over the last two weeks - Credit: Rachel Edge

The council is now investigating a mysterious 'hum' being heard around the Ipswich Waterfront and surrounding areas, which residents describe as similar to tinnitus.

The humming noise has been noticed over the last two weeks by residents who live nearby and say it has become incredibly frustrating.

The council has confirmed it is investigating and a spokesperson said: "Ipswich Borough Council is currently investigating complaints received about a ‘hum’ in the Waterfront area.

"Residents and businesses should continue to report such to us. We will take appropriate action to alleviate any environmental nuisance."

Graham Stacey, who lives near the waterfront in Gladstone Road, is a key worker in the transport, warehouse and haulage industry.

"When you get home in the evening you want to unwind and it's when everything else quietens down you can hear it," he said.

"It comes and goes but generally is heard in the evenings and at night — when I wake up in the morning it is gone.

"It's frustratingly annoying and sometimes you can even feel it through the floor like a vibration. The dogs get twitchy and go around barking because they think something is happening."

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Mr Stacey said the hum isn't muffled by closing doors and windows and says he thinks it is how tinnitus sufferers must feel all of the time.

A spokesperson for ABP Port of Ipswich said: “We have been made aware of a humming noise coming from the area around Ipswich docks and are investigating the situation.

"The wellbeing of the communities surrounding our ports is important to our business and we look forward to working with local stakeholders to understand the causes of this issue.”

In previous years similar humming noises have been reported around Ipswich, the latest of which was resolved in 2019 after residents in Nacton, Wherstead, Stoke Park, Chantry and Pinewood suffered three years of disturbances.

They said the constant hum ruined their sleep and endangered their chances of selling their homes.

Anglian Water — who have been contacted about the latest hum — eventually found the cause was equipment at the Cliff Quay Water Recycling Centre and apologised.

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