Ipswich Council results

Full results from the 16 wards re-electing councillors in Ipswich on 4 May. The new make-up of the council is 20 Conservative, 18 Labour, and nine Liberal Democrats with one vacancy in the normally safe Conservative ward of Castle Hill.

St Margarets

*John Cooper (Lib Dem) 1011

Sophie Stanbrook (Con) 968

Steve Buckingham (Lab) 289

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Leonard Woolf (Ind) 191

Amy Drayson (Green) 183

Most Read

Lib Dem hold


Andrew Cann (Lib Dem) 735

*Martin Cook (Lab) 722

Ian Fisher (Con) 279

Colin Rodgers (Green) 86

Russell Metcalfe (UKIP) 77

Lib Dem gain from Lab

St Johns

*Neil Macdonald (Lab) 1004

Pamela Kelly (Con) 915

Jill Atkins (Lib Dem) 362

Lab hold

Priory Heath

Bill Knowles (Lab) 852

Tanya De Hoedt (Con) 789

Nick Jacob (Lib Dem) 234

Lab hold


Tony Lewis (Lab) 563

Howard Stanley (Lib Dem) 512

Ben Matthews (Con) 401

Lab gain from Lib Dem

Bridge Ward

*Philip Smart (Lab) 762

Kevern Mulley (Con) 585

Chris Newbury (Lib Dem) 193

Rick Deeks (Green) 133

Lab hold

Stoke Park Ward

Richard Pope (Con) 871

Keith Rawlingson (Lab) 610

Tim Lockington (Lib Dem) 194

Con hold

Whitton Ward

Michelle Bevan-Margetts (Con) 882

Susan Crocker (Lab) 696

Heidi Williams (Lib Dem) 290

Con hold


*Don Edwards (Lab) 925

Stephen Baldrey (Con) 523

Robin Whitmore (Lib Dem) 264

Lab hold

Castle Hill Ward

*David Goldsmith (Con) 1081

Nigel Cheeseman (Lib Dem) 502

John Harris (Lab) 425

Sally Wainman (Ind) 111

Jason White (Green) 96

Con hold

Bixley Ward

Gavin Maclure (Con) 1496

Barry Studd (Lab) 406

Clive Witter (Lib Dem) 398

Con hold

Rushmere Ward

*Eileen Smith (Con) 1014

Alasdair Ross (Lab) 905

Cathy French (Lib Dem) 269

Brenda Cavanagh (Green) 165

Con hold

Sprites Ward

Roger Fern (Lab) 1035

Kathy Kenna (Con) 840

Oliver Holmes (Lib Dem) 171

Lab hold

Alexandra Ward

*Jane Chambers (Lib Dem) 756

Albert Grant (Labour) 531

Edward Phillips (Con) 377

John Taylor (Green) 188

Lib Dem hold

Gipping Ward

*Peter Gardiner (Lab) 824

Maureen Springle (Con) 477

Les Nicholls (Lib Dem) 274

Lab hold

Holywells Ward

*Liz Harsant (Con) 851

Jamie McMahon (Lab) 518

Kevin Walker (Lib Dem) 305

Con hold

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