Vehicle slapped with 121 parking tickets as council steps up clamping

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Ipswich council is looking to step up its use of clamping - Credit: PA

More illegally parked cars could be clamped in Ipswich in a bid to tackle "persistent evaders" who don't pay their fines.

In one case, a single vehicle was slapped with 121 parking tickets in a year - but Ipswich Borough Council was unable to collect fines, as the motor wasn't registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The council stressed that most people in the town park legally and, where offenders are fined, most pay up on time.

Ipswich Borough Council have issued more than 3,000 extra parking tickets in 2014 than in 2013.

Some people are classed as 'persistent evaders' for failing to pay their parking fines

However, it said there were "persistent evaders repeatedly parking where they wish with impunity", ignoring repeated requests to pay up.

In total, 193 vehicles qualified as persistent evaders for failing to pay three or more penalty notices.

As a result, a report presented to Ipswich council's executive meeting next week says: "Officers propose that where a vehicle is parked such that it is considered to be causing a hazard or an obstruction that after the issue of the PCN, it shall be removed to a storage compound as soon as possible.

"In the case of persistent evaders, officers propose that after the issue of the PCN, the vehicle shall be immobilised as soon as possible."

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However, Ipswich Borough Council needs the agreement of Suffolk County Council to start clamping and removing vehicles on the highway.

It is asking borough representatives at its March 9 executive meeting to recommend seeking permission from the county council for these powers.

Parking ticket hotspots in Ipswich -
Fonnereau Road Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Councillor Sarah Barber said: 'With clamping and removal, where appropriate, we will make parking and getting around town better for all' - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

The report concludes by saying: "The unlawful parking of vehicles with impunity by persistent evaders is unfair on law abiding motorists, often deprives the council of parking fee income, and can result in vehicles being parked in circumstances that are not appropriate.

"The proposals to immobilise and/or remove such vehicles from roads or council car parks will help to stop this problem from occurring and lead to greater compliance with parking restrictions.

Councillor Sarah Barber, Ipswich Borough Council portfolio holder for the town centre, added: “The overwhelming majority of people park considerately In Ipswich.

"When they do get Penalty Charge Notices, near all pay their fines.

"It is on behalf of all who act responsibly that we seek new powers to stop those who park irresponsibly and evade parking fines.

"With clamping and removal, where appropriate, we will make parking and getting around town better for all.”

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