Ipswich: Countdown to Games for volunteer

WITH less than 100 days to go before the opening ceremony, Olympic fever is growing every day.

And for those involved in the big event, the build up is even more exciting.

Carita Peters is one of the lucky volunteers chosen to be involved in the Games.

Carita, 54, of Burnham Close, who is a practice nursing sister at Orchard Medical Practice in Ipswich, has been accepted to join the Olympic Games medical team as a volunteer.

Carita will be a primary care nurse, based at the Hilton hotel in Park Lane, London.

She said: “I heard about it and I just thought this is an experience that will never come again.

“It’s something to tell my grandchildren.”

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Carita will be working a minimum of ten days during the Games and is already buzzing with excitement at the prospect of being involved.

“I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was three years old,” she said. “I love my job.

“I love to be with people and to try to do my best for them.

“It’s very diverse, but it’s very rewarding.”

All the staff and patients at the practice have been “very supportive” of Carita’s Olympic role.

Before taking part, Carita has to complete three separate sets of training for the job. She has so far completed her orientation training and role-specific training and will be taking part in venue training closer to the time.

Next month she will also be collecting her uniform and security pass. The uniform, in Olympic colours, includes trousers, a polo shirt, a baseball cap, bag, umbrella and even a water bottle – all of which she can keep as souvenirs.

When asked which sport she was looking forward to most, Carita was spoilt for choice. “I’m particularly looking forward to the swimming but I like it all,” she said. “I love the tennis and all the athletics and I would like to see Usain Bolt – I just love the whole thing.”