Bragging rights at stake for Ipswich couple in England vs Scotland match

Undated handout photo of Scotland fan Chris Millen, 37, from Livingston, and his wife Laura Millen,

Husband and wife Chris and Laura Millen, who will be on opposing sides when England play Scotland - Credit: Chris and Laura Millen/PA

An Ipswich couple will have split loyalties when England face Scotland in Euro 2020 tonight - and have described the game as “a blessing and a curse”. 

Scot Chris Millen, 37, will be watching the Group D fixture with his 38-year-old English wife Laura at a social club on Friday evening.

Chris, from Livingston, is expecting to be the only Scotland supporter at the venue.

He said: "I'm really excited because this is the first time competitively in my adult life Scotland will play in an actual tournament.

Undated handout photo of Scotland fan Chris Millen, 37, from Livingston, and his wife Laura Millen,

The couple will be watching the game at a social club - Credit: Chris and Laura Millen/PA

"For them to be drawn against England … yeah, it’s a kind of surreal feeling."

Laura, originally from Mansfield, described the mood between the couple as a “friendly rivalry at the moment”, adding that she has teased her husband about Scotland goalkeeper David Marshall's error against Czech Republic on Monday.

She said: "It’s a blessing and a curse because obviously I support Scotland unless they’re playing England - to hit each other in the group stages is quite interesting.

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“We met in Scotland. So I’ve always been a big advocate for Scotland to qualify into a tournament."

Chris joked that he would wear Braveheart-inspired face paint for the game to show his support for the Tartan Army if he had any.

He said: “I imagine I’ll be the only one, so once the scoreline comes in, which I expect - not hope - I expect England to romp home, I think for the hour after that I’ll take a faint ribbing."

Laura asked her husband: "But obviously you’re going to turn up in your Scotland top regardless?"

He replied: "Oh yeah, I’ll be there, Braveheart, everything, the flag… if I had face paint that’d be on!"

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