Ipswich: Court ruling on asbestos claim

A LAWYER has welcomed a court ruling which will allow families of people who died after asbestos exposure to make insurance claims.

UK Supreme Court judges yesterday placed insurance liability at the time an employee was exposed to asbestos – not when mesothelioma symptoms appear.

Tim Humpage, partner at Gotelee Solicitors in Elm Street, Ipswich, said the ruling is good news for Ipswich where dozens of former workers at the old Cliff Quay power station were exposed to asbestos.

He said: “It means that people who were exposed 30 or 40 years ago can bring a claim against companies which may no longer exist and get the proper compensation they are entitled to.”

Last month the Star reported shocking figures from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers which showed Ipswich has a higher than normal asbestos death rate with 23 deaths caused by terminal lung cancer mesothelioma from 2006 to the end of 2010.

Mr Humpage has dealt with up to 40 people in the past five years, seeking advice about asbestos exposure but he said he expects more people to now come forward.

“It is expected there will be an increase to a peak in the next 10 years before a gradual decline,” he added.

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