Ipswich crafters make ‘creative’ lung-shaped pollution protests

The craft protests calling for action on pollution in Ipswich

The craft protests calling for action on pollution in Ipswich - Credit: Sorrell Grove

Lung-shaped crafts have been made in a creative protest at the impact of pollution in Ipswich. 

Air pollution has been called a “public health emergency”, with estimations that 2,300 people in Suffolk may die of diseases connected to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the next decade

It is mainly caused by road vehicles and is thought to help cause respiratory and heart diseases, as well as worsen diabetes, bladder cancer and dementia. 

As such, the 22 crafters from organisations such as the Women’s Institute, Ipswich Clean Air Network and Ipswich Friends of the Earth made heart-shaped items to send to politicians with the plea: “Ipswich needs clean air.” 

A total of 63 have been made, as 63 is said to be the number of early deaths caused by pollution each year in Ipswich. 

“One of the delights of creating these lungs is the informality of our collaboration” says a group member, Sorrell Grove 

“People from all over Ipswich are coming together to get a collective message across to the people who run our town.  

“We need to see change.” 

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