Ipswich Crown Court clears Rendlesham man Matthew Sparrow of sexually assaulting a woman

Ipswich Crown Court

Ipswich Crown Court - Credit: Archant

A Suffolk man accused of sexually assaulting a woman while she was unconscious has been cleared by a jury.

Before Ipswich Crown Court was Matthew Sparrow, 42 of Rendlesham, near Woodbridge, who denied raping the woman and sexually assaulting her and was found not guilty after a week long trial.

The alleged victim claimed she woke up after losing consciousness to find she was semi-naked and Sparrow was next to her.

The woman, who had been fully clothed before she lost consciousness, allegedly found her lower clothing had been removed and her bra had been pulled off leaving her breasts exposed under her top.

The woman allegedly saw Sparrow close by and asked him what he was doing, said Andrew Thompson, prosecuting.

Sparrow denied doing anything and told the woman she had removed her own clothes.

Mr Thompson said that after the alleged incident the woman felt as though she had had sex.

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Giving evidence Sparrow denied removing her clothes while she was unconscious and said he had only lifted up her sleeve to check her pulse.

He claimed the woman had removed her own clothing and he denied touching her sexually.