Ipswich: Dangerous driver could face prison

A JAGUAR driver has been warned prison is still an option after he admitted careering through seven residential roads and damaging at least two cars, including his own.

Danny Webb, of Richmond Road, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving when he appeared before Ipswich Crown Court.

The 29-year-old was pursued by police after he was seen driving erratically just before 3am on April 17.

Although requested to stop by officers, Webb continued driving his Jaguar S-type along Norwich Road, All Saints Road, Bramford Road, Bramford Lane, Richmond Road, Kitchener Road and Surbiton Road.

At the time, police reported Webb was exceeding the speed limit as he drove dangerously along the narrow roads.

When police finally caught up with the Jaguar after a collision, they saw the driver run off.

Rather than pursue him, they stayed with the vehicle, which was said to have sustained considerable damage to the near-side front wheel.

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The windscreen had also been smashed and both of the Jaguar’s airbags had been deployed.

A car parked in Kitchener Road was also damaged during Webb’s journey.

He was subsequently identified as the owner of the Jaguar and was arrested later in the day.

When officers found him, he was reported to have sustained an injury to his left eye and bruises to his shins.

At Webb’s plea and case management hearing at Ipswich Crown Court Judge David Goodin told him he would be sentenced on November 29 after a pre-sentence report was compiled.

Judge Goodin added: “The offence to which you have pleaded guilty is a serious one.

“The type of sentence you will receive will be made by the judge on the day. It is right that all sentencing options be canvassed.”

Webb was given an interim driving ban, and told that when his sentencing did take place he would be disqualified from driving for at least a year.