Ipswich: Drug addict motorist sped through town at 70mph

Ipswich Crown Court where Jim Lee was sentenced after driving dangerously through town

Ipswich Crown Court where Jim Lee was sentenced after driving dangerously through town

An Ipswich motorist who drove at speeds of up to 70mph, jumped red lights and drove on the wrong side of the road during a two-mile police chase, has walked free from court.

Jim Lee, of West Meadows, was given a 16-month prison sentence suspended for two years, banned from driving for three years and was also made the subject of a six-month drug rehabilitation order.

Sentencing him at Ipswich Crown Court, Judge John Devaux told Lee he had shown a “deliberate disregard” for the safety of other people when he drove dangerously while being pursued by police.

He warned Lee that if he breached the orders, it was likely that he would have to serve a prison sentence.

He said in the past Lee had served a number of prison sentences and no alternatives had been tried. The dangerous driving took place at 8.50pm on January 29 just hours after Lee had been released from custody for other matters.

Lee, 33, admitted dangerous driving, resisting arrest and driving without insurance.

Police started following Lee after seeing him driving at speed and jumping a red light in the Hadleigh Road area and activated the siren and lights on their car as he sped along Ranelagh Road at 70mph, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

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Lee drove the wrong side of two ‘keep left’ bollards near Ipswich railway station.

Michael Crimp, prosecuting, said if there had been a car coming in the opposite direction, there would have been a collision.

Lee then turned right into Ancaster Road and drove along Birkfield Drive, overtaking cars and causing oncoming traffic to brake to avoid colliding with him.

During the chase, the tyres on Lee’s Peugeot were heard screeching and at one stage he appeared almost to lose control of the vehicle.

In the area of Sheldrake Drive the passenger door of the car opened and someone jumped out.

Lee’s car came to a halt shortly afterwards in Orwell Heights. He tried to run off but was eventually detained and handcuffed.

Richard Conley, for Lee, said no-one had been injured and no damage had been caused.

He said Lee had been using drugs for most of his adult life and would not have behaved in the way he did if he had not been an addict.

Mr Conley added that on the night in question, Lee had been in the car with a woman who was a drug user.