Ipswich: Families hitting out over spread of damp in homes

Steadily spreading black stains are beginning to take over the homes of several forlorn neighbours.

Last week, The Evening Star reported that thick mould was swamping one young couple’s bedroom, forcing them to sleep on the living room floor.

Laura Hamilton and Dominic Harding’s story has prompted others in Downside Close to tell of damp walls, carpets – and even beds.

Landlord Sanctuary Housing responded by saying it will be working with residents to investigate the cause. But tenants say that promise has come too late.

Kayleigh Clay, 20, lives with partner Ray Todd and a 14-month-old son, Devon. She said: “There is so much damp in our smallest bedroom that I had to move my baby into the larger one and move myself into his. I’m worried about his health.

“When I contacted Sanctuary I was asked whether my heating was on! They agreed to install ventilation in the wall in January and that’s the last I heard from them.”

Katie Scott, 28, moved in on January 26 with partner Ashley and his 13-year-old twin sisters.

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They too have been forced to switch bedrooms with the children and now sleep in the front room. Both girls have cerebral palsy and asthma.

Miss Scott said: “We were told they would come out and treat it, but they just took photos.

“We want the carpet taking up and the mould treated. It’s saturated – you can feel it under your feet.”

Samantha Bird, 35, lives in Downside Close with her partner Jason Abbott. She said: “I’ve lived here for 16 years and seen the main bedroom walls turn black and the ceiling green with mould.”

Sanctuary’s regional director Eamonn Dillon said: “We carried out a full inspection of two properties on Monday and we are awaiting a report from a specialist contractor, which we expect to receive this week.

“This report will indicate whether the mould is being caused by any defect with these two properties or as a result of ventilation issues in the household.

“Rest assured, we will be acting on any recommendations made by the contractor.

“In the meantime, we would like to remind residents that mould often occurs as a result of condensation and lack of ventilation and we would be only too happy to offer advice on the steps they can take to prevent damp and mould in the home.”

Have you had a mould problem? Call the newsdesk on 01473 324790.

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