Ipswich family to feature on Channel 4 show

Shammie and Norbert NyanBedvu from Ipswich will be on the Channel 4 show

Shammie and Norbert NyanBedvu from Ipswich will be on the Channel 4 show - Credit: Norbert NyanBedvu

An Ipswich family will be appearing on Channel 4's Love it or List It show when it airs next week as part of Black to Front, a day of TV fronted by Black talent.

TV presenter Scarlette Douglas and her brother, Stuart Douglas will be helping Norbert and Shammie Nyandebvu from Ipswich decide decide whether to renovate or sell their property for a new one.

Images from Stuart & Scarlette Douglas - Kindred Property

Stuart and Scarlette Douglas will be hosting the show which is being filmed in Ipswich - Credit: Stuart Butcher

The couple have lived in Ipswich for the past eight years with their two children, Naomi and Tyrell, and Norbert's mum, Lucia. 

They bought the house initially as they believed it had huge potential and have already renovated the garage into a bedroom for Mr Nyandebvu's mum. 

Mr Nyandebvu loves the house and thinks it can become their dream home with a few changes. However, Mrs Nyandebvu is convinced they have outgrown the property and longs for a detached house in a village location with an open-plan kitchen and more importantly, a second bathroom.

The show will see Miss Douglas join forces with Mrs Nyandebvu for team 'List It', whilst Mr Douglas teams up with Mr Nyandebvu on team 'Love It'.

Convinced he’s got the win in the bag, Mr Douglas gets to work on showing the couple that by knocking down a few walls and transforming their house into a stylish space, it will help create a home for everyone to enjoy.

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Meanwhile, Miss Douglas has several fantastic properties lined up to persuade them it’s time to sell up and put their house on the market.

Miss Douglas said: “I am extremely proud and excited to be a part of C4’s Black to Front day of programming. It’s such an important day and to be a part of the legacy it will hopefully leave is a privilege."

Viewers are able to watch the show on Channel 4 on Friday, September 10 at 8pm.