Ipswich: Fans relive night Lisa Stansfield came to town - after she branded them ‘zombies’

Lisa Stansfield on stage in Ipswich.
Picture by Jerry Turner.

Lisa Stansfield on stage in Ipswich. Picture by Jerry Turner.

POP singer Lisa Stansfield may have labelled the crowd at her 2003 Ipswich gig as the worst of her career but one member of the audience that night has a different version of events.

In an interview last week, the 1990s songstress likened those at her Regent performance to “zombies”.

But Lynn Turner, who was in the crowd, reckons Stansfield’s blast is off key – and described the show as a “great night”.

Mrs Turner, 55, of Heatherhayes, was at the concert with friends Hannah Reynolds and Jane Bishop.

“I remember it was quite nostalgic because the three of us were quite big fans of Lisa Stansfield,” she said.

The concert, on April 1, 2003, was the only time Mrs Turner saw Rochdale-born Stansfield perform live – and she can still recall dancing with her friends and singing along.

“We had a great night,” she said. “We were all singing along because we knew all the words.”

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A review of the gig by former Star features editor Tracey Elsey supports Mrs Turner’s recollection of the evening, describing how the crowd “jumped to their feet to dance” as Stansfield sang second number, Real Love.

Stansfield, 46, angered Star readers with her derisory comments, given in an interview with the Metro to promote her forthcoming tour.

She is reported as saying: “The whole audience were like zombies.

“They didn’t move, didn’t do anything, then after the show people came backstage and said: ‘It’s the most beautiful show I’ve ever seen, I was so excited.’

“I was like ‘what are you like when you’re bored?’”

Mrs Turner said: “Maybe it was just us, but I thought the crowd were OK, I don’t think they were bad at all.

“We are a tough crowd but I thought it was a great night.”

Nobody was available for comment from Stansfield’s management company.