Ipswich: Father and son Millwall yobs left out of pocket over police assault

The incidnt happened following the Ipswich Town v Millwall game at Portman Road on April 21 last yea

The incidnt happened following the Ipswich Town v Millwall game at Portman Road on April 21 last year - Credit: Ashley Pickering

FATHER and son Millwall yobs Barry and Daniel Smith are paying the price today for attacking British Transport Police officers in Ipswich.

Barry Smith was ordered to pay £500 compensation to Pc Gary Hayes by South East Suffolk Magistrates Court after assaulting him outside Ipswich railway station.

The 50-year-old was also fined £500 and ordered to pay £300 costs as well as £15 to the victims’ fund.

His 19-year-old son Daniel must give Pc Hayes £200 in compensation, and £40 to one of the officer’s colleagues whom he also assaulted.

In addition, the teenager was given a one-year community order, with an 80-hour unpaid work requirement, and told to pay £300 costs.Daniel Smith had previously been convicted of assaulting the two police officers after Millwall’s game at Portman Road on April 21. He had denied the charges.

Barry Smith was convicted of punching one of the officers, after pleading not guilty.

During the Smiths’ trial, Pc Hayes said he had come under a hail of punches from the pair after trouble flared, after Ipswich Town lost 3-0 to Millwall.

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He described the Smiths’ behaviour as “extremely violent” and said both men were very drunk. However, the Smiths claimed they were acting in self-defence after Barry Smith was assaulted by a police officer.

Pc Hayes said he had seen a young man outside the Riverside public house opposite the railway station at around 5.35pm, The young man had been abusing a group of young Ipswich fans.

Ten to 15 minutes earlier he had seen Daniel Smith abuse an old man wearing an Ipswich Town scarf. Pc Hayes said he went back to the pub, where a group of people were abusing youths. Daniel Smith, of Restons Crescent, London, was not one of them.

As Pc Hayes was speaking to a young man, Daniel Smith approached him, appearing to be drunk. One of the officer’s colleagues stepped in but Smith became aggressive.

While he was being restrained, his father became involved with Pc Hayes’s colleague, who was dealing with Daniel Smith. The teenager is said to have punched Pc Hayes in the face, cutting his nose. Magistrates were told Barry Smith, of Southlands Grove, Bromley, Kent, then punched the officer several times, as did his son.

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