Ipswich: Feeling the petrol prise rise pinch? Look here for the cheapest fuel around town

As petrol prices continue to soar, motorists are feeling the pinch.And with the prospect of the government increasing prices by 1p in April, the outlook is looking ever bleaker.

But just how much are Suffolk’s motorists currently paying to fill up? And where are the cheapest petrol stations to be found?

Petrol prices for unleaded and diesel in the region are currently around the average level nationally, according to the website petrolprices.com.

The current average cost for unleaded petrol in the UK is �128.33p per litre, while for diesel its �132.87p.

In the Ipswich area, the average for unleaded is �127.45p, with the highest being �130.90p and the lowest at �123.90p.

For diesel, the average is �131.65p – the highest at �134.90p and the cheapest �128.90p.

Over in Felixstowe, petrol prices are slightly higher, with the average price for unleaded in the coastal resort at 129.05p.

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For diesel, the average is �133.28p per litre.

Meanwhile, in Bury St Edmunds, prices are slightly higher still. The average price for unleaded is 129.28p per litre, while diesel comes in at �133.50p.

The steep rises over the last few months have prompted an angry response from road users and tax campaigners.

An Ipswich-based driving instructor today claimed a number of his people in his profession will have to quit as a result of the price increases.

The man, who asked not to be named, said the situation was “unbearable”.

“Prices are just getting ridiculous,” he added. “If it gets much higher, it will be difficult to make a living as an instructor.

“Petrol prices across the town just seem to be going through the roof. The prices are hard on everyone.”

Eric Pearl, a member of the Ipswich Taxi Drivers’ Association, said drivers could be forced to increase fares.

He said: “In the last month, we have had one of the biggest increases in fuel prices in the last ten years.

“As a result, we’re looking at having to introduce a mid-term fare increase instead of an annual one.

“At the moment, drivers are having to cover the costs out of their own wages which is really hitting some of them hard.

“They’ve got families to support and are struggling to get by. We are considering making an application for a fares increase.”

Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Motorists are being unduly punished. Drivers already pay their fair share when they buy the vehicle and tax it and then every time they fill up. It’s time the government stopped squeezing ordinary families and started giving them a better deal by cutting fuel duty.”

Geoff Dunning, chief executive of the Road Hauliers Association, said: “The continuing rise in the price of fuel is a major threat to so many of our members.

“Many of these are the small and medium-sized transport companies that form the back-bone of the UK road freight industry.

“Many of these companies have long and proud histories in the industry. With margins already squeezed to unsustainable levels many of these firms are threatened with going out of business.”

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