Ipswich: Figures reveal 70% of owners fail to pay fines for dog fouling

Dog fouling statistics

Dog fouling statistics

MORE than 70% of pet owners handed on the spot fines for dog fouling failed to pay up, The Star has learnt.

New figures released by the borough council show only 24 people were hit with financial penalties after they were caught leaving their dog’s mess on the streets of Ipswich during the last four years.

But the vast majority of culprits who failed to pick up after their canines between 2009 and 2012 never paid up.

Of those who received a £50 fine, only seven came forward to pay up.

The fines should have seen the council raise £1,200 – however only £350 has been received during the four-year period. The worst offenders for not paying fines came in 2009 where 10 people were given penalties and only one person coughed up the cash.

The data reveals the two incidents in 2011 both took place in Samuel Court, Ipswich, with the only fine being handed out in 2012 being in Raeburn Road.

A spokesman for the borough council said the council will take responsible steps to recover unpaid fines.

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He said: “He would encourage residents to report incidents when they see someone fail to pick up after their dogs.”

In south west Ipswich a dedicated team of litter pickers have taken action over the curse of irresponsible dog owners.

In a bid to tackle the issue members of the Holyrood and Sandringham Close Neighbourhood Watch scheme started a monthly litter pick.

On the last Saturday of each month, the troupe of four or five walk a route around the roads and footpaths in the Belstead Road and Stoke Park Drive area.

Proposals were recently approved for more dog fouling bins in the area after the neighbourhood watch team called on the council to take action.

To report incidents visit www.ipswich.gov.uk or call the Cleaner Ipswich hotline on 01473 433000.