Fire crews rescue person trapped inside prison cell van outside court

Cebo Madikazi was sentenced at Suffolk Magistrates' Court Picture: ARCHANT

Fire crews helped release a person trapped inside a prison van outside the magistrates' court in Ipswich this morning

A person has been rescued from a prison van after they became stuck in a cell compartment in the vehicle outside the magistrates' court in Ipswich. 

Fire crews were called to the incident just after 9.45am today, Tuesday, August 10 in Elm Street where they used a short extension ladder and other equipment to free the trapped person.  

A spokesperson for Suffolk Fire and Rescue said: "They were released shortly after with a stop being made just before 10.10am."

A spokesman for Serco, the company running the custody escort service, added: “There was a problem with the lock on one of our vans when it was at Ipswich Magistrates' Court, which meant that the door of the cell could not be opened.

"The fire brigade opened the emergency hatch to allow the prisoner to safely exit and no one was hurt or at risk at any time.

"We are very grateful to the fire brigade for their help.”

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