Ipswich: For the love of our Aman

GET well messages continue to pour in today for a brave police dog and his handler who were both stabbed in the line of duty.

The town is still coming to terms with a series of dramatic events which left a man, a police officer and a dog requiring treatment for stab wounds.

On Tuesday night Pc Steven Jay, of Suffolk Constabulary’s dog section and his police dog Aman were both stabbed as officers attempted to arrest a man who was being sought in connection with an earlier stabbing in Oulton Road, Ipswich.

Officers tracked the man believed to be the offender and stopped him in Nacton Road. He was agitated, in possession of a knife and officers attempted to detain him by using a taser.

It was in this moment that the 52-year-old police officer and Aman were injured.

A police spokesman said Pc Jay had suffered knife wounds to his arm and back and he was taken to hospital for treatment. It is believed that his protective clothing prevented him from being more seriously injured.

Both the police officer and the dog – who was operated on at Highcliff Vets in Cliff Lane – were home and recovering last night. Pc Jay was expected to return to work next week, however it is not yet known when six-year-old Aman will return.

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Nicole Chopping, a veterinary nurse at the animal centre, said Aman was a “really lovely dog” who had been “extremely well behaved”.

The dog, who spends his days assisting his handler, was given fluids through a drip after losing a lot of blood.

“He was happy when he went home, he is recovering very well but has been ordered to have a lot of rest,” Ms Chopping said.

“He suffered a very bad wound to his shoulder and he had lost a lot of blood by the time he reached us. He was in a bad way when he came in and after surgery and being looked after today he is doing okay.”

Aman will now be rested for seven to ten days, before his muscle strength is tested and he is assessed to see whether he is fit to return to work.

Veterinary surgeon Rachel Fletcher, who carried out the operation on Aman, said: “He was bleeding quite heavily, so we gave him anaesthetic and carried out the surgery which involved us stitching up his wound.”

Officers are asking anyone who may have seen any part of the incident to call Ipswich CID on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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