Anger over fridge freezer fly-tipped under 'no fly-tipping' sign

A large fridge freezer has been dumped under a no fly tipping sign in Ipswich 

A large fridge freezer has been dumped under a no fly tipping sign in Ipswich - Credit: Christine Shaw

Residents of Ipswich have been left angered and frustrated after a large fridge freezer was dumped under a 'no fly-tipping' sign. 

A resident who spotted the fridge freezer in Defoe Road said fly-tipping is a "constant and frequent" problem in the area. 

Christine Shaw said: "It is unsightly, it spoils our environment and we know it is costing us all money because the money that is being spent on council workers having to go and clear up is costing us all. 

"It is very frustrating and very disappointing.

"It has been there for two or three days and what I usually do, if I see something, is I give the person a chance to do something about it because sometimes people do put things out to be collected, but if it is still sitting there I report it to the council."

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council said: "Ipswich Borough Council will not stop pursuing those who fly-tip in Ipswich.

"This selfish action impacts our residents and businesses but we work hard to make sure it impacts the fly-tippers more.

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"Fly-tip in Ipswich and we will seek to get you to court, as we have done successfully on many occasions this year and where some culprits had to pay fines and costs in four figures."