Ipswich fundraisers hold Indian banquet at Holbrook Primary School in bid to build free eye clinic in Bangladesh


A fundraising group have put their culinary skills to good use in their bid to provide a free eye clinic in one of the poorest countries in the world.

The Al Tazid Foundation, based in Wherstead Road, Ipswich raised £1,000 for their campaign by laying an Indian banquet and holding a raffle and scarf sale at Holbrook Primary School.

The foundation aims to raise £7,000 to fund an eye clinic in rural Bangladesh, working in partnership with the Vard Eye Hospital in South Asia.

Al Tazid’s founder Boshor Ali said: “This has been a passion of mine since we managed to host a one day clinic a couple of years ago.

“Curing blindness is one sure way to help people to a better standard of living in Bangladesh. We are very grateful to the people of Holbrook for giving us strong support.”

Visit www.altazidfoundation.org or contact altazid@gmail.com