Ipswich: General Osteopathic Council suspend Mark Piper for four months after finding him guilty of unacceptable professional misconduct

Mark Piper

Mark Piper

An osteopath has been suspended for four months after a disciplinary hearing found him guilty of unacceptable professional misconduct.

Mark Piper, of Gilmour Piper Osteopaths in Fonnereau Road, Ipswich, had been accused of having a consensual sexual relationship with a patient, as well as several recording failures in relation to that patient’s treatment.

At the hearing, which took place in front of the General Osteopathic Council’s (GOsC’s) Professional Conduct Committee this week, Mr Piper admitted to being in the relationship but denied some of the other allegations.

In a report published on the GOsC’s website the three-person committee said the complainant’s evidence was found “on many occasions to be exaggerated, confused, distorted and, thus, largely unreliable”.

In contrast the committee found Mr Piper’s evidence to be “more accurate and more reliable” and that “he gave his evidence with candour and measured reflection”.

The committee ruled Mr Piper to be guilty of unacceptable professional misconduct, saying his conduct “represented a gross breach of trust and behaviour” and was “contrary to the standards expected of the profession”.

Imposing a sanction of four months’ suspension the committee felt Mr Piper’s “capacity for rehabilitation was substantial” and “there was no ongoing risk to patients or the public from his remaining on the register (of osteopaths)”.

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Following the hearing Mr Piper said: “I am grateful to the Osteopathic Council for finding the allegations I denied not proved and for them allowing me to continue in practice in the future as a registered osteopath.

“I would also like to thank all those medical colleagues, friends and patients who have continuously supported me throughout this matter.”