Ipswich: Gran sends out plea after callous thieves steal her laptop which contained pictures of her late grandson

A heartbroken grandmother is today desperate for her stolen laptop to be returned, after revealing treasured photos of her grandson who lost his battle with cancer at the age of six are saved on it.

Callous theives ransacked the Grimwade Street home of Liz Leek, stealing the precious images saved on the hard drive, as well as several family heirlooms.

The 52-year-old returned from work on December 28 to be told the news by her fianc�, John Harvey.

Among the items lost to her are her grandad’s harmonica, her father’s wedding ring and her grandma’s diamond and eternity ring.

But for Miss Leek, it was the pictures of Ryan Leek, her six-year-old grandson who died of cancer around seven years ago, that has left her devastated.

Those priceless images captured Ryan’s birthdays and other special occasions, including Christmas, from when he was born until his untimely death, said Miss Leek.

“I might never be able to get those pictures back,” she said.

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“There were quite a few on there which I had kept and saved.

“I’ve had them right from when he was born and at special occasions.

“It was the sentimental things (that were stolen) that mean something to you and not to anyone else. It’s those kind of things that money can’t replace.

“I was angry and upset. They created so much mess – it just seems senseless, what they did.” Photos of her late father, Bill, were also on the laptop.

Mr Harvey, 52, said he was shocked when he walked into the house and realised it had been ransacked. “I had to get myself together,” he said.

“They turned the house upside down. I wasn’t pleased at all.

“It was just an absolute nightmare, I couldn’t believe it.”

The burglary happened some time between 2.15pm and 4.30pm on December 28. If you have any information, please contact Suffolk police on 101.

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