Mum-of-three sheds six stone after changing diet and walking lots

Ipswich grandma Lisa Mayne has lost six stone

An Ipswich grandma has lost more than six stone with the help of Slimming World. - Credit: Lisa Mayne

An Ipswich mum, and grandmother-of-five, who has struggled with her weight all her life has transformed the way she looks by losing more than six stone.

Lisa Mayne, 52, said her confidence has been lifted after dropping four dress sizes since joining Slimming World in 2017. 

Mrs Mayne, director of Bretts Furniture, decided to do something about her weight in preparation for her son's wedding, which took place in 2018. 

The mum-of-three, who is now a devoted grandmother to five, started off as a size 18 and since 2019 has been a healthy and happy size 10. 

Lisa Mayne said she feels "much more confident" after losing the weight.

Lisa Mayne said she feels "much more confident" after losing the weight. - Credit: Lisa Mayne

She said her weight spent years "yo-yoing" up and down and she was eating all the wrong things, which led her to pile on the pounds. 

It was her son's wedding which spurred her onto joining the weight loss group with her daughter, and she hasn't looked back. 

"I lost 13lbs in the first week," explained Mrs Mayne, who has now been at her target weight for more than 18 months. 

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"I walk a lot, often doing seven miles a day during the first lockdown last year, and I always walk to work."

Mrs Mayne said her whole outlook on food has changed since joining the weight loss programme and she has become much fitter - with running up the stairs previously a challenge. 

She managed to lose 3.5st in time for her son's wedding, but then had to endure a hysterectomy procedure where a fibroid weighing 8.5lbs was removed. 

She then went onto lose the rest of the weight and said she hasn't looked back.

"I am much more confident, and it is so nice to shop off the rack and not worry about not fitting in clothes," she said.

"Slimming World has completely changed my mindset, I don't have to weigh things, but it teaches you about foods and being accountable."

Mrs Mayne, who welcomed two grandchildren during the lockdown, has even started an Instagram page where she shares all the food she cooks. 

She likes to turn ordinary and unhealthy meals into Slimming World alternatives, so she doesn't ever miss out.

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