Ipswich: Heroic couple who came to aid of stabbed teenager in Bilberry Road praise emergency services colleagues

IPSWICH: A heroic couple who rushed to help a teenager stabbed in the neck at a house party today praised their colleagues who played a “vital” part in saving her life.

Paramedic David Sexby and his fiancee Hannah Creasey, a special constable at Suffolk police, were off-duty when they heard a commotion in their neighbourhood.

The couple rushed to the scene in Bilberry Road, Ravenswood on Saturday where they found 16-year-old Sayshana Mason in a “very serious condition”.

To recognise their life-saving work, the pair have today been nominated for a Stars of Suffolk award in the Unsung Hero of the Year category.

Neighbours told of the party “getting out of control” by 7pm, with the emergency services being called shortly before 10pm.

But in the meantime, Miss Creasey, 23, made the scene safe, allowing Mr Sexby, who has been a qualified paramedic for six months, to stop the bleeding and allow Sayshana to breathe again.

“We heard a lot of people outside,” said 27-year-old Mr Sexby. “It was a very stressful atmosphere with lots of people around.

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“I would not have been able to do my job without her.”

The couple praised the work of the ambulance crews who arrived at the scene and the team of doctors at Ipswich Hospital.

Last night Sayshana was said to be in a stable condition at Ipswich Hospital.

An 18-year-old arrested by Suffolk police on Saturday on suspicion of grievous bodily harm is on bail until December 19.