Ipswich homeowner offers reward after thieves net £40,000 of jewellery haul during burglary

Rings from the property in Westerfield Road, Ipswich

Rings from the property in Westerfield Road, Ipswich

A burglary victim has offered a reward for the return of jewellery worth around £40,000 stolen during the ransacking of his Ipswich home.

Jewellery similar to that stolen from a property in westerfield Road, Ipswich

Jewellery similar to that stolen from a property in westerfield Road, Ipswich

The homeowner is one of a number people around the town who have been hit by a spate of pre-Christmas break-ins in which jewellery, often of huge sentimental value, has been targeted along with other valuables.

Police have said they do not think an organised gang is behind the burglaries but are investigating whether there are links between any of them.

One on occasion noises were heard at a house in east Ipswich when the occupant returned at around 6pm on Tuesday, December 16.

The owner did not enter the property but called police sparking a large-scale police sweep of the Foxhall Road and Felixstowe Road areas after the thief or thieves fled with a quantity of Asian jewellery.


Among the other burglary victims were a family in Westerfield Road, who also lost a substantial amount of 22-carat gold Asian jewellery totalling an estimated £40,000.

The burglars also took £1,500 in cash, including 50 Scottish £1 notes.

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The jewellery taken during the break-in, which occurred on November 25 between 12.30-3.45pm, included 15 rings, several chains, pendants, earrings and five watches.

The owner, who did not wish to be identified, said: “It was large quantity of jewellery, which was handed down by my wife’s mum, who passed away 12 years ago.

“It has tremendous sentimental value and is irreplaceable. We are very keen to retrieve it.

“We are prepared offer a reward of £500 for return or partial return of the jewellery, and a further £500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.”

Detective Inspector Barry Byford, from Ipswich CID, said: “All reports of burglary are fully investigated with any intelligence or forensic opportunity being explored.

“Each incident is also considered alongside other crime in the area to ascertain whether a series has been identified.

“We would like to remind people at this time of year to ensure that they lock all doors and windows, and consider leaving a light on when out at night to deter thieves.

“It is also recommended to consider the use of security devices such as exterior lighting burglar alarms. Presents and valuable should also never been left on display.”

Anyone with information which would help retrieve the jewellery stolen from Westerfield Road or lead to the arrest of any burglar should telephone police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.