Ipswich: Homeowner shocked after garden wall smashed in alleged drink-drive crash

NACTON: A homeowner today told of his shock after a suspected drink-driver allegedly crashed his car into his garden wall.

George Irvine was woken at 2am yesterday to find a car embedded in the wall of his garden in Felixstowe Road.

Following the incident, Thomas Buckley, 25, from Nacton, was charged with drink-driving, careless driving, driving without insurance or tax and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

Mr Irvine, 60, said: “My wife and I were woken by the police at 2am – we actually managed to sleep through the crash somehow.

“A car had come off the road, crashed into the garden wall and ended up overturned. The driver is lucky to be alive.

“The wall and two gates have been destroyed and my driveway was covered in bricks, debris and even people’s property. I had to take the morning off work to sweep up my driveway and will have to wait and see what the insurers say about the damage.

“I lived here for a while now and it’s a quiet road so this sort of thing has come as a shock really.”

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Two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries following the collision.

Buckley is due to appear before magistrates in Ipswich on Monday, May 16.