Ipswich Hospital nurse caught taking drugs meant for patients on CCTV suspended

Stock image of a hospital ward. Picture: IAN BURT

Stock image of a hospital ward. Picture: IAN BURT - Credit: IAN BURT

A registered nurse at Ipswich Hospital acted dishonestly and put patients at risk of harm by taking meant for patients, a panel has found.

Panel members at a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) tribunal found Keyley Cousins took drugs such as Cyclizine and paracetamol for her own use on a number of occasions throughout 2015.

The registered nurse was caught taking Cyclizine – a medicine used to treat nausea – on June 8, 2015, from a clinic room at the hospital on CCTV.

Ms Cousins admitted taking the paracetamol and an inhaler aerosol called Ventolin ahead of the tribunal, which she did not attend.

Chaired by lay member Yvonne Brown, the NMC panel found Ms Cousins had also taken Cyclizine and in acting dishonestly, had put patients at the hospital at risk of harm.

Sanctioning her, they gave her a nine month suspension order to run alongside an interim suspension order of 18 months.