Ipswich: Independent traders back association’s fears for their future

THERE are real fears for the future of some of Ipswich’s independent traders with business leaders claiming the council is straggling these bespoke shops.

And the traders agree.

Kelly Fairweather, of Fairweather Vintage, St Stephens Lane, said: “The road works are just a complete nightmare.

“People don’t want to be stuck in traffic for ages, they haven’t got the time to spare and because of the road works it is putting people off coming into town.

“I don’t think parking is really an issue because whenever I come into town I can always find a reasonably cheap car park.”

Cathy Frost, owner of LoveOne in St Peter’s Street, said: “I think all independents are having the same concerns and worries.

“Parking, road works and general support for small businesses need improving. Although saying that, we do get good support from the council.

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“The parking situation does need to improve and the road works don’t help. We don’t want what happened to Fore Street happen to any other road in the town and things need to be done to ensure it doesn’t happen.

“Businesses throughout St Peter’s Street generally share the concerns the letter talks about.”

Carole Emery, owner of the Dress Circle in Fore Street, said: “November has been a lot quieter than it has been previously which is a massive worry for us.

“Even after the road works we had down here have gone, we are still having trouble getting people back to this part of town.

“I have been looking at the car parks in the town and pricing is a big issue.

“Many signs outside the car parks don’t even have prices on, instead they have warnings about clamping when tickets aren’t bought. Then when pricing is displayed it is too high.”