Ipswich: Internet con man jailed after taking advantage of women he met on online dating sites

Daniel Olley has been jailed for 44 months after he conned women out of money while internet dating.

Daniel Olley has been jailed for 44 months after he conned women out of money while internet dating. - Credit: Archant

A “cruel and cynical” conman who stole cars and money from women he met on dating sites has been jailed for three years and 10 months.

Daniel Olley, who is already serving a three year prison sentence for similar offences, left the women he preyed on feeling “foolish, shattered and betrayed” for allowing themselves to be taken in by his lies, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

One of his victims was unable to clothe her children in the winter after Olley stole hundreds of pounds from her, while another had to get a taxi to visit her son in hospital after Olley stole her car, the court was told.

Olley, 45, who was staying at a guest house in London Road, Ipswich, admitted offences of theft from four women and offences of fraud in relation to the sale of cars belonging to them. The offences were committed between October and December last year.

Jailing Olley Judge David Goodin said there was a “cynical cruelty” to his offending. “You are in effect a cautionary tale for vulnerable women,” said the judge.

He said what Olley had done to the four women, three of whom he met on dating website, was “horrid in the extreme”.

Charlotte Davison, prosecuting, told the court that one of the women met Olley on a dating website while he was living at the Kingsley Guest House in Ipswich.

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He told her he was a car trader and offered to sell her car after she told him she had a debt of £1,100 that needed to be paid.

Olley had taken her car and after several days of making excuses to her she had not seen him or her car again.

She told police she had lost all her confidence and had lost weight as a result of the way Olley had treated her.

Another woman who met Olley through a dating website was told by him he had a garage in Bury St Edmunds and that he had recently sold his home for £200,000 and was looking for somewhere to live.

He told her that her car needed work doing to it and wasn’t safe to drive. After taking the vehicle he had made excuses about not seeing her.

The court heard that Olley had sold the car and the woman later found a folder containing the car documents was missing from her home.

The woman told police she was ashamed, depressed, embarrassed and angry with herself as a result of being tricked by Olley.

A third woman who also met Olley on a dating website agreed to lend him £250 but after giving him her bankcard and PIN she discovered he had withdrawn £300 and she later discovered a further £250 had been withdrawn.

Catherine Bradshaw, for Olley, said her client accepted the offences he had committed were confidence tricks. He also accepted that his victims were women looking for relationships and he had taken advantage of that.