Ipswich: Joy as �15,000 fundraising target reached for Lighthouse Women’s Aid campaign

IPSWICH: We have done it!

After a six-month fundraising drive, the Lighthouse Women’s Aid Ipswich refuge has now reached its target of �15,000 to pay for a fully equipped log cabin for older children.

Last night the final cheque was presented for the Ipswich Star and Town 102’s joint campaign at a gala dinner, hosted by Suffolk New College in its Shelley’s Restaurant.

Dave Busby, the trustee director of the Town 102 Kids Trust, presented Lighthouse Women’s Aid chief executive, Sally Winston, with a cheque for �1,635.91 – the balance needed to reach the campaign’s target.

Nigel Pickover, Ipswich Star editor, said: “We are delighted to have supported this cause. It is a wonderful charity that does a lot of important work. This money will make a difference to many lives.”

Paul Morris, Town 102’s programme manager said: “We launched this campaign six months ago and to have raised the �15,000 needed in that time is an amazing result.”

The charity runs two refuges in Ipswich offering sanctuary to women and children fleeing from domestic violence.

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While they offer a home to youngsters up to 16, there is little for older children to do – and since they often cannot see friends for fear of giving away their new location, it can leave them feeling isolated. The haven at one of its Ipswich refuges will be used by youngsters aged eight to 16.

Lighthouse Women’s Aid chief executive, Sally Winston thanked everyone for their kind donations.

She said: “We are so grateful to Town 102 and the Ipswich Star. Thank you to everyone who donated - this really is going to make a difference to the older children who will be coming into the refuge in future. It will be a much earlier start to the whole healing process for them with this facility.”

Dave Muller, principal of Suffolk New College, added: “We are delighted to have been able to back this worthwhile cause, which supports young people from Ipswich and the surrounding area, with a final push at the Gala Dinner held in Shelley’s Restaurant last night.”

There were a range of fundraising events held over the last few months which supported the cause, including the Star’s Concert of Carols service at Christmas.

n Do you support this cause for a special reason? Write to Ipswich Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or e-mail starletters@archant.co.uk


n The charity was initially known as Ipswich Women’s Aid

n Its mission statement is to support and empower woman and children who have suffered or are at risk of domestic abuse or violence

n The charity’s aims to help women and children by raising awareness, provide a safe, supportive environment and develop and implement preventative and therapeutic services

n The organisation runs two refuges in Ipswich offering sanctuary to women and children fleeing domestic violence

n Over the past year, the refuge has been a sanctuary for 111 children – of whom about half are aged eight or more – as they leave behind months or years of seeing violence in their own home.

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