Ipswich: Knife man jailed for eight years after leaving victim with horrendous injuries

IPSWICH: A man who inflicted horrific, life-threatening injuries on a 23-year-old in a late-night stabbing has been locked up for eight years and told he will be deported at the end of his sentence.

Elroy Diegaart, who was staying in the area while working at the Sizewell Nuclear power station, suffered a life threatening stab wound to his abdomen and had part of his bowel hanging out of his body when the emergency services arrived on the scene, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Before the court was Jetmir Kaceli, 33, of Bulstrode Road, Ipswich, who admitted wounding Mr Diegaart with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm and possessing an offensive weapon.

Jailing him for eight years Judge Peter Fenn said Kaceli, who comes from Albania, had only been in the UK for 40 days when he attacked Mr Diegaart on September 3.

He said that on the night in question Kaceli had been drinking heavily as a result of problems in his relationship with his wife and he had approached Mr Diegaart because he was walking and talking with a woman.

He said that in addition to causing cuts to Mr Diegaart’s bowel he had also caused an injury to his kidney resulting in him spending 23 days in hospital.

“This was a very serious injury indeed with long-term effects and the fact that you were heavily drunk because of your inability to deal with the apparent breakdown of your relationship with your wife is no excuse for what you did,” said the judge.

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He said the defendant would be deported at the end of his sentence.

Patricia Doggett, prosecuting, said Mr Diegaart and some of his work colleagues had been staying at the Shipwright’s Arms in Ipswich and on the night of the attack had gone out for the evening in Ipswich town centre.

As they walked back to the pub along St Nicholas Street they saw Kaceli and another man. Kaceli had pushed Mr Diegaart.

“The defendant didn’t like the fact he was talking to a female in the group,” said Miss Doggett.

Kaceli ran off but shortly afterwards Mr Diegaart’s group were confronted by him in Vernon Street and saw he was holding two knives which were pointing out of the bottom of his clenched fists at shoulder height.

Kaceli lunged towards the group but slipped over and Mr Diegaart and his friends ran back to the Shipwright’s Arms where they found a back door which was usually left open was locked, said Miss Doggett.

One of Mr Diegaart’s friends picked up a chair to push Kaceli back but the defendant stabbed Mr Diegaart on the arm and in the abdomen.

He was rushed to hospital where he was resuscitated and underwent surgery. A surgeon who treated him said his injuries had been life threatening.

Peter Barlex for Kaceli said his client’s behaviour was out of character and he was shocked at the injuries he had inflicted.

“He apologises for his behaviour,” said Mr Barlex.

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