Ipswich: Last-minute reprieve for father who was set to be deported

ipswich: A father-of-four who claims he will be killed if he is sent back to his native Zimbabwe has been granted a temporary reprieve.

Since fleeing his home country in January 2007, asylum-seeker Lovemore Muzadzi has dedicated his life to voluntary and community work in Ipswich.

Earlier this week, The Evening Star revealed a campaign had been launched to stop his deportation.

He was due to travel to Nairobi on Monday but was pulled off the plane.

While Mr Muzadzi, 34, has been granted a last-minute reprieve, the fight still goes on for him to stay.

Panyika Anselm Karimanzira, of Restoration of Human Rights, said: “The deportation of Lovemore Muzadzi was aborted last minute on Monday.

“The captain had to ask Lovemore’s escorts and himself to get off the plane just before the scheduled departure.”

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Father-of-four Mr Muzadzi claims he will be killed if he returns because he was a member of Zimbabwe’s opposition party.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said Mr Muzadzi’s case has been carefully considered.

“At his first appeal, an immigration judge found that he was not at risk of persecution in Zimbabwe and that his account lacked veracity,” he said. “At a second appeal, a judge again found that his claim was without merit.”

Mr Muzadzi is being detained at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre.

It is understood another attempt at deportation will be made on November 16.