Ipswich: Lawrence believes in the power of fresh juices

The Juice Works,
Businessman Lawrence Farrow of The Juice Works in Ipswich.
In his business unit ki

The Juice Works, Businessman Lawrence Farrow of The Juice Works in Ipswich. In his business unit kitchen at Ipswich Waterfront - Credit: Archant

Beetroot, carrots, spinach, kale, cucumber, orange, apple and pear.

Sprig of parsley, and a piece of ginger.

They are all healthy fresh ingredients, that go into cold-pressed juices.

Ipswich businessman Lawrence Farrow has personal experience of the health benefits that can be found by consuming fruit and vegetable juices.

And he has taken that enthusiasm into launching his new business The Juice Works, from a studio at Ipswich Waterfront.

He sold his sports car, and replaced it with a delivery van.

“But it is still a two-seater,” he joked.

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Lawrence’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and was rushed to hospital.

A catalogue of other health problems followed.

He suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with diabetes.

His weight ballooned to 17 stone and he was in and out of work, with a variety of jobs,

“After my brain tumour my weight increased and it got worse, I was gaining weight with all the steriods, and the doctors said I was unlikely to lose it.”

His parents paid for him to go to a health retreat.

“I was there three weeks. I was 17 stone and I lost weight, having juices.

“I lost a stone in three weeks, it was amazing.”

That is when he discovered the health benefits of juicing.

“When I came home I sold my microwave on E-Bay and bought a juicer.”

“Before my illness I was super-fit,” he added.

For the past three years he has been making and using his own cold pressed juices and a year ago he began developing his business plan, and found premises.

“I wanted to be careful about it and get everything right, the studio and the equipment, and the website and the design of the labels.”

“It has been quite a journey and I have absolutely enjoyed it,”

“I’ve go three cold pressers and will soon have four.

“The juices are all slow-pressed.

“It is a really natural product, with no artificial additives.”

“The majority of the juices are made with a lot of leafy greens, cucumber and celery with the addition of either apple or pear or sometimes both.

“So the taste is good, without being sweet whislt also adding the benefits of the fruits to the juice.

“Many of the juices also have lemon and ginger in them which gives them a fresh and uplifting taste.

“It counter-acts the earthy taste.

“Often people can’t even detect the kale or the spinach at all. It is a good way of getting greens into children..

“Once the juices are made we bottle them and freeze them immediately.”