Ipswich: Leading Suffolk police figure rewarded for his work

A LEADING Suffolk police figure has today been rewarded for his work in eradicating street prostitution in Ipswich with an OBE.

Detective Superintendent Alan Caton headed up Suffolk Police’s anti prostitution strategy in the wake of the Steve Wright murders in 2006.

Det Supt Caton was awarded an OBE for services to police during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace yesterday.

He said: “After the murders of Steve Wright, when he was convicted we embarked on a really challenging strategy to help remove street prostitution.

“We saw the dangers in Suffolk when these poor women who were very vulnerable and chaotic get involved in street prostitution.

“From that tragedy we had to do something. Doing nothing was not an option.”

He described receiving the award as “amazing” and said he had to pinch himself to make sure it was real.

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He added: “The prostitution issue is gone, which is unbelievable. People always said it could never be done, but we challenged that view and embarked on an overarching strategy five years ago.”

In the wake of the murders of Tania Nicol, Gemma Adams, Paula Clennell, Anneli Alderton and Annette Nicholls, The Ipswich Star and other partners launched Somebody’s Daughter fund. The money raised is helping a project to create a special sanctuary for women suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, just north of Ipswich.