Ipswich: Little Lauren, 4, rescued from tree

IPSWICH: Little girls are supposed be made of sugar and spice and all things nice but this little monkey proved she has an adventurous streak when she scaled a tree - and got stuck.

A full-scale rescue operation was launched to free little Lauren Reavall, four, after she got her leg wedged between two V-shaped branches of a tree outside her home in Weaver Close, off Bramford Road.

The youngster was out playing with brother Joshua, six, and six friends at about 4.30pm on Monday when she found herself stuck in the tree.

Joshua tried to free her himself but was forced to call on his dad for reinforcements.

Stuart Reavell, 33, said: “The children were playing outside in the trees and my little boy came back to the door and said ‘Daddy, Lauren’s stuck in the tree’.

“We pushed and pulled but her leg had got stuck beneath a little knot and we couldn’t get it out.”

Several other parents poured out of their houses to see if they could help get her down – offering everything from Fairy liquid to hand saws – but it was decided the fire service were the only people for the job.

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Mum Helen, 32, did the only thing she could do to help and climbed up to keep her little girl company while they waited for the emergency services to arrive.

But they did not have to wait long – crews from Princes Street were on the scene in less than five minutes and set about freeing the terrified youngster.

“They got their grippers and stretched the tree branches apart enough so they could free her leg,” said Stuart.

“They were exceptionally good – there was no panic, they just turned up and dealt with the situation and kept everyone calm.

“One of the firefighters was great – he stayed and talked to her while the others went behind the tree to try and get her free.”

The firefighters were able to get Lauren down in less than 15 minutes using hydraulic rescue cutting equipment and an electric saw.

Her grateful father added: “Everyone associates them with dealing with fires but they just took the situation as it was.

“We take them for granted but I don’t think people actually realise what they’re capable of doing. They were superb.”

The youngster, who attends the Methodist Pre-school in Bramford Road, was checked over by paramedics but she was not injured.

“While it was all going on, she was a bit scared,” said Helen. “But 10 minutes later, she was fine and playing around with her friends again.

“We were really apologetic to the fire crews and the ambulance, we didn’t want them to think we had called them out for no reason but they were really nice about it and just said it was what they are here for.

“We just want to thank them for coming so quickly and sorting things out.”

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