Ipswich/London: Olympics volunteer enjoying every minute

Megaphone in hand and keeping an eye from up high, one dedicated Olympic volunteer is loving every minute of London 2012.

Tom Pickover from Ipswich, has been offering a helping hand at the Olympic Park since the festivities began last week.

Mr Pickover was chosen to assist in the running of the park, which includes directing people, checking tickets and entertaining the crowds.

He said: “My first day was last Wednesday and that was for the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony.

“Then I was actually involved in the opening ceremony and that was amazing because I was so close to all of the athletes and I got to meet them all.

“I was having a laugh with Tom Daley and having banter with the American water polo team. I’m having a great time.”

Yesterday, Mr Pickover was handed a megaphone and as well as assisting the general public, he took it upon himself to sing a few tunes to the excited crowds.

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“It’s all about making sure people have lots of fun,” he added.