Ipswich man assaulted his mum after drunken rant

Son admits assaulting mother

Son admits assaulting mother - Credit: PA

A 24-year-old man has admitted assaulting his mother and damaging doors and kitchen drawers in her Ipswich home.

Reuben Copnall, of Holly Lane, Rushmere St Andrew, pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage when he appeared before South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

Both offences occurred on October 29.

Prosecutor David Bryant said a neighbour of Copnall’s mum heard some noises which caused them alarm, such as doors being slammed or kicked. They also heard someone shouting “I’m going to ******* do you in you ******* dirty *****”.

Police were called. Copnall was drunk and reluctant to let them in.

An officer spoke to his mother who was also drunk, Mr Bryant said.

She was sitting in the middle of the front room on a double mattress and appeared happy.

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Concerned for her welfare police stayed in the area and subsequently heard voices coming from the property.

Copnall was shouting, there was a loud crash and Copnall’s mother shouted in alarm, the court heard.

Copnall was seen pushing his mother to the floor and she was sobbing.

He was arrested and told police he had been arguing as he had been supposed to meet his father for a drink, but the meeting did not happen.

Copnall had consumed two pints and vodka when he returned home.

He said he pushed his mother to get her out of the way so he could see if police had left.

Copnall apologised for his behaviour and said he had acted like a “clown”.

Mark Holt, representing Copnall, said the son and mother’s relationship was “somewhat volatile”.

Magistrates fined Copnall £150 and ordered him to pay £250 compensation for the damage he caused.

He must also pay £30 costs and £30 to the victims’ fund.