Ipswich man jailed after assault on Lloyds Avenue burger van workers

Christopher Addison with his three sons

Christopher Addison with his three sons - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An Ipswich burger van worker has said he fears going to work after being the target of late-night attacks by drunken yobs twice in three months.

Freddie Cook

Freddie Cook - Credit: Archant

Father-of-three Christopher Addison was speaking after Freddie Cook, of Ashcroft Road, Ipswich, was jailed by Ipswich Crown Court for three months. Cook, 20, admitted assaulting Mr Addison and his boss Paul Eagle on May 16 last year.

Cook’s co-accused Jake Walker, 22, of Shakespeare Road, Ipswich, was spared jailed after pleading guilty to actual bodily harm. He knocked one of Mr Eagle’s teeth out and cut his lip.

Mr Eagle required dental work as a result of his injuries.

Mr Addison, who works on the burger van in Lloyds Avenue, said he has no choice but to continue working, even though his 10-year-old son does not want him to.

The incident followed an unrelated assault in February last year where Mr Addison had scolding soup thrown over his arm.

Speaking after Cook was jailed, the 41-year-old said: “I was very scared. I just didn’t know what they would do. They were very angry and aggressive. I was fearful for my life. We were very intimidated by it.

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“It’s left me very fearful.

“It’s also the knock-on effect to my wife and children. We have a 10-year-old who doesn’t want me to go to work on Friday and Saturday night.

“Every night I don’t want to go (to work) but it’s a case of having to go to support my family and earn the money.

“We have had to put more locks on the burger van door to protect ourselves.”

Cook’s three-month prison term will run concurrently with another sentence he is already serving.

Walker was sentenced to 12-months’ imprisonment, suspended for a year.

He must also complete 180 hours’ unpaid work and was ordered to pay £1,000 compensation to Mr Eagle.

Walker, who had caused problems at the van the previous week, was drunk and approached the vehicle demanding a burger.

Cook picked up a sauce bottles pretending to throw them.

Walker yanked the van’s door open and tried to enter but was pushed back.

Cook started hurling sauces at Mr Eagle and Mr Addison, before throwing punches at Mr Eagle.

Walker then punched Mr Addison after he told them he was calling police.

Sentencing Cook and Walker Judge Rupert Overbury said: “People who provide services in Ipswich town centre, whether it is licensed premises, burger vans, or fish and chip vans should be protected by the courts from drunken loutish behaviour.

“You Cook, since then, have received a lengthy custodial sentence and won’t be back on the streets for another 12 months.

“Your role was much less than Walker’s and you were involved in less violence.”

He told Walker he had been involved in a “sustained and repeated” assault on Mr Eagle.

Last June Steven Hill, 51, of Weaver Close, was given a community order after splashing soup over Mr Addison at the burger van on February 27.

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