Ipswich: Man knocked unconscious in town centre bar attack

IPSWICH: Two men involved in an attack at a town centre bar during which a man was knocked unconscious and then kicked while he was on the ground behaved like “pit bull dogs”, a court heard.

Trouble flared at Tate’s bar in Falcon Street, Ipswich, after a customer started “paying unwanted attention” to two women on the dance floor, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Michael Crimp, prosecuting, said that one of the women had pointed to a ring on her finger to make it clear they weren’t interested.

Shortly afterwards, Mark Beadsworth, the partner of one of the women, had a conversation with the man who was trying to chat them up, Mr Crimp added.

Joe Burr, a friend of the man, became concerned at Beadsworth’s aggressive manner and had gone over to break up the confrontation.

“He saw a fist coming towards him that connected with the side of his mouth and he went to the floor,” said Mr Crimp.

He said Mr Burr was knocked unconscious and the next thing he could remember was being in the toilets with blood dripping out of his mouth.

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Beadsworth, 37, of Brooklands, Ipswich, and Andrew Seddon, 42, of Park Lane, Maldon, both admitted assault by beating on Mr Burr and were each made the subject of a 12-month community order and ordered to do 120 hours unpaid work in the community.

They were also each ordered to pay �350 compensation to Mr Burr and �85 court costs.

Sentencing the men, Judge Rupert Overbury said Mr Burr had been trying to break up a confrontation between them and one of his friends and a witness had described the defendants behaving like “pit bull dogs.”

“You were aggressive and up for a fight,” added the judge.

He said that while Mr Burr was unconscious on the floor, he had been kicked in the torso.

Charles Myatt, for the two defendants, said Mr Burr had not received any injuries as a result of being kicked while he was on the ground.

He said the incident had started after Beadsworth’s wife and Seddon’s girfriend were approached by one of Mr Burr’s friends and he had refused to take no for an answer.

Mr Myatt said that the man’s behaviour had been the “catalyst” for the offences and it was likely that Mr Burr wouldn’t have been injured and the two defendants would have had an enjoyable night out if the man hadn’t acted in the way he did.

He said it was accepted that Mr Burr had been kicked three times while he was on the ground.

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