Meet the man who has run every road in Ipswich

Neil Gillingham in front of the 'Welcome to Ipswich' road sign

Neil Gillingham claims to be the first person to run all roads in the borough of Ipswich - Credit: Brittany Woodman

An Ipswich man is "happy" and "proud" after being the first person to run every road in the borough.

Neil Gillingham, 39, made the decision to run all 1,414 roads four months ago. 

"Having been a runner for years, one day I decided to see how many I'd done", he said.

Neil Gillingham running along a road

Neil said: "I ran the remaining thousand in the last four months" - Credit: Brittany Woodman

"It turned out I'd already run 400 roads so I thought I'd see if I could do them all.

"I ran the remaining thousand in the last four months.

Overall, he estimates he has run over 1,000 miles while trying to achieve the feat.

Neil said much of the achievement came while commuting to work: "I run to work anyway. Every day I'd look at a map and check which roads I hadn't run before.

Neil Gillingham running past the 'Welcome to Ipswich' sign

Neil plans to run any new roads which might be built in the borough - Credit: Brittany Woodman

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"I planned different routes and deliberately chose streets I'd never been down before."

Going forward, Neil hopes to keep up his running, taking part in marathons and long distance races.

As far as Ipswich is concerned, he said: "I plan to keep going.

"When new roads are built, I'll be running them.

"Now I've done all the roads, I'd like to keep it to all the roads."