Ipswich: Meet the red-faced dad who became an internet sensation - after getting his hand stuck in a McDonald’s straw dispenser

IPSWICH: A father-of-two who got his hand stuck in a McDonald’s straw dispenser today said he can now laugh about the accident – but will have to go to KFC in future so he doesn’t have to get his own straw!

James Sinclair became an internet sensation earlier this week when his family dinner at McDonald’s ended in a dramatic rescue by firefighters.

The 42-year-old had ordered his Big Mac and meals for his wife, two children and niece at the Ravenswood fast food restaurant on Tuesday night.

But as he tried to get a straw for his eight-year-old daughter, he had trouble getting one out of the front of the machine and reached around to the gap where staff refill the straws at the back – and ended up getting his left hand stuck.

Despite the best efforts of friendly staff at the restaurant, who tried to unscrew the machine from the cabinet, they had no other option but to call for help from the fire brigade who turned up with sirens blaring and blue lights flashing.

Mr Sinclair, who lives in Stowmarket, said: “My little boy was more excited about the fire engines coming along, and the fire brigade were excellent.

“At the time, I was thinking it was really embarrassing – I just wanted to disappear – but I can laugh about it now.

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“I scraped my hand a little bit but it wasn’t too bad, and they gave me a cup of tea while I waited.

“The manager was very helpful.”

Firefighters managed to dismantle the dispenser and free Mr Sinclair within 20 minutes, leaving him with nothing more than a minor scrape.

This is not the first time the unfortunate dad has been rescued by the emergency services. He once got his hand trapped in a toilet about nine years ago, and had to be freed by firefighters.

He added: “I can never eat in that McDonald’s again.

“I’ll have to go to KFC because they give you straws, or if I do go there, it’ll have to be the drive-through.”

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