Ipswich minicab driver lambasted by judge after illegally touting for business and stealing fare’s phone

Cardinal Park. (Stock Image)

Cardinal Park. (Stock Image)

An Ipswich minicab driver has been given a community order, a driving ban and must pay more than £2,000 after touting for a fare and stealing a £450 phone belonging to a teenage female.

The offences occurred after Valdet Miftari, of Compair Crescent, illegally picked up a teenager and her friend who had been to a nightclub at Cardinal Park.

Sentencing the 29-year-old, District Judge David Noble told him: “It is a particularly nasty and unpleasant offence. ”

Miftari had previously denied touting for hire, theft, plying for trade when not licensed and having no insurance for his Volvo V50. He was convicted after a trial at the town’s magistrates’ court.

On April 29, 2016, two teenage women left Unit 17, having booked a cab home through Hawk Express.

There were several cabs waiting for customers. One of the women approached drivers to find their vehicle.

The third driver she approached was Miftari, a self-employed licensed private hire driver, working for Hawk Express.

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He offered to take the women home, but when they got into his cab he asked one of them to call his office and cancel the booking, telling them to say ‘my mum had picked us up’.

Miftari suggested stopping at a kebab shop in Norwich Road because he had heard the teenagers say they were hungry. Miftari offered to wait inside for the food order, while the teenagers went back to his car.

One of the females left her mobile phone on the counter. Miftari covered it with his arm, and then put it in his pocket.

After arriving home the teenager realised she had lost her £450 phone. She contacted Hawk Express, but Miftari had not been booked by the company.

The teenager got the kebab shop CCTV and took a copy to the police, who identified Miftari’s Volvo. A minicab driver invalidates his insurance if he touts for trade.

Miftari, who no longer has a minicab licence, was sentenced to a 12-month community order with 160 hours’ unpaid work.

He must pay the teenager compensation totalling £570, and a further £1,630 in court costs and fines.

In addition, he was banned from driving for 16 months.