Ipswich MP's telly appeal to PM

IPSWICH'S MP has told Prime Minister Gordon Brown to get on the telly in a bid to boost Labour's flagging poll ratings.

IPSWICH'S MP has told Prime Minister Gordon Brown to get on the telly in a bid to boost Labour's flagging poll ratings.

The party is currently lagging behind the rejuvenated Conservatives in the polls amid ongoing fears about the state of the economy.

On the back of concerns on Ipswich doorsteps, Labour MP for Ipswich Chris Mole has told Mr Brown to make more TV appearances to boost the party's chances at the next election.

He said: “My friendly and candid advice was that both Gordon and Sarah (Mr Brown's wife) are lovely personalities and the best way to get that over to the widest possible audience is for them to go into some TV shows designed to go out to a wide audience.

“I think to an extent Gordon Brown would say it should be about policy rather than personality and I think that is fundamentally true, however it is very clear on the doorstep that people want to know something about the person as well as the policies.

“I think that is true of politics in general these days.”

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Among the programmes suggested by Mr Mole for an appearance by Gordon Brown were Richard and Judy and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

He said following the lead set by Tony Blair, whose telly outings included an appearance on the Des O'Connor show, would boost Labour support across the country.

He said: “I have no doubt Gordon would do that very well if ever we take advantage of some of those shows.

“I wouldn't have said it to him if I didn't think it was something important for him to do.

“It will help his and everybody else's prospects.”

Mr Mole's call comes at a time when a new poll this week revealed voters would rather have former prime ministers Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher or ex-MP Tony Benn as the country's leader.

The YouGov poll asked voters who they would choose from a list of politicians "at the peak of their powers" to be prime minister. Only 5 per cent chose Brown, while Benn earned 13pc and Blair came second with 20pc.

Lady Thatcher, the former Tory prime minister, came top of the list with 27pc.

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