Mum praises trampoline park after changing rules for autistic son

JJ and his mum Amanda Cachia, who both live in Ipswich 

JJ and his mum Amanda Cachia, who both live in Ipswich - Credit: Amanda Cachia

A mum of four from Ipswich has encouraged parents to "keep speaking up" after campaigning for her autistic son led to a change in the rules at Jump In on the Anglia Retail Park. 

Amanda Cachia, 45, was overwhelmed with the support she received after her son JJ, 10, was turned away from the trampoline adventure park in Ipswich on his birthday because he is unable to wear T-shirts due to sensory issues.

boy on bouncy pillow

JJ on the bouncy pillow at Suffolk Food Hall - Credit: Amanda Cachia

She was told her son, who has global development delay as well as autism, could not jump unless he was fully clothed. 

Since sharing what happened on Facebook, Miss Cachia has worked with Ipswich-based disability campaigner Daniel Lee Harvey, and met with management at Jump In - she said JJ's story is now a positive one.

The mum, who lives in the Chantry area, said: "The two head managers I spoke to really don't want this to happen again and clearly understood the importance of promoting inclusivity in practice and through the actions of their staff members."

JJ, who has loved trampolining since he was two, has difficulties communicating. He find it painful to wear T-shirts, although he could previously tolerate them.

Miss Cachia said Jump In have been "brilliant" since she contacted them over the issue and the changes mean JJ can again trampoline without a top on - like he has done previously. 

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She said: "It's key that both parent and staff members work together so we can ensure that children who really love and benefit from trampolining like my boy JJ can continue without being challenged because of their additional needs. 

"It is unbelievable how many mums have private messaged me and thanked me for speaking out. I just want to highlight just how important it is to keep speaking up. You will get heard even if it feels like you are hitting your head at times."

Responding to Miss Cachia's comments Jordan St Germain, director of operations for Jump In Trampoline Arena, said: “It is important not to let a moment define a business and this represents just one of many examples where open, honest and transparent communication can resolve situations in a positive manner."

He added: "Jump In has always prided itself on its community links with organisations such as Me Too! in Scotland and the Rugby Autism Network in the Midlands.

"Ipswich is our newest site and we look forward to working closely with Daniel Lee Harvey and people such as Amanda over the coming months and years.”