Ipswich/Newcastle: Shame on you!

YOBS have attacked a memorial garden to Ipswich Town legend Sir Bobby Robson.

It is feared louts, who travelled to support Ipswich’s rivals Norwich City play in Newcastle on Sunday, scrawled the obscene graffiti which is too graphic to publish.

The attack has caused outrage on Tyneside were Sir Bobby, who also managed Newcastle United, is also treated as a hero.

Liz Luff, of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which raises cash for cancer research, said: “I was absolutely furious to find Sir Bobby’s memorial garden vandalised. Someone drew an obscenity on the middle stone which was Bobby’s portrait. It was unpleasant.

“Thankfully the council had cleaned it first thing in the morning. Swift work and much appreciated.”

The garden includes a series of stones featuring images to celebrate Sir Bobby’s career.

Sir Bobby died surrounded by his family in July 2009 after succumbing to the cancer he bravely fought five times.

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He devoted the last 18 months of his life to helping raise money for those leading the fight against the devastating disease.

Commenting online, football fan Randall Bevan said: “This act of desecration of a memorial to a great man in every definition of the word and humanitarian is alas typical of some louts that frequent football stadia under the banner of ‘fans’.

“Thank God they are not representative of the majority that contributed to this recognition of his achievements and courage.

“Had they known this kind man as a friend and the efforts he made, despite great illness, to leave a legacy to help cancer sufferers – that continues and will continue, they would bow their heads in shame.”

An Ipswich Town Football Club spokeswoman said: “Anyone who knows the respect that Sir Bobby Robson carries throughout the game would be disappointed to hear about the vandalism.”

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